Horizon Residence has been designed around the concept of healthy living. Healthy for the guests and residents, due to the 3 large swimming pools, fully equipped gym, and our close proximity to Choeng Mon beach, and also healthier for the environment, as we have actively sought ways to reduce the buildings “Carbon Footprint”.

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An Alu + an aluminum composite will be used on the exterior of the buildings, which will dramatically reduce heat within the units, therefore reducing the usage of air-conditioning, and reducing the need to re-paint the exterior of the building. The insulation used in the walls, will also trap the cold air in the units, and produce far better sound insulation than normal brick walls. Each units front door, will have rubber seals to stop cold air from escaping, which will also add to the sound insulation.

The large interior communal staircase, with the eye catching skylight, will have a pond at the base which will help cool down the area, negating the need for air-conditioning.

The computer generated images in this web site are merely an artist’s impression and are not an exact representation of the appearance of the finished project, units or common areas; and the appearance and design of the finished project will differ from the images in this web site.