Greener Living

greenerlivingHorizon Residence is pushing the envelope to make the Condominiums environment, the most ecologically envisioned on Koh Samui. The Architectural team at SIL has pushed the boundaries to make “Green” their first thought when designing Horizon Residence. Whether it is sourcing the materials in the construction of the buildings, or in the modern energy saving technologies used after the development is completed.

  • Dry walls and steel will be utilized for the main structure of the apartments, as both materials are far more environmentally friendly than concrete to produce, therefore reducing the constructions carbon footprint.
  • LED lighting will be used throughout the Horizon Residence, reducing electrical costs and consumption by 30%. This does not only help the environment but also the owners’ costs.
  • Inversion air conditioners are more expensive, but use up to 20% less electric than traditional air conditioners. A remote system will also be employed, that will detect any problems with the air conditioners as soon as they happen and alert our onsite managers. This will increase customer satisfaction and decrease unnecessary loss of energy from the units.
  • Aluminium cladding will provide an additional layer of protection to the exterior of the buildings. The heating effects of the sun and UV rays will be reduced, which will help keep the interior of the buildings cooler.
  • Exterior painting will be reduced to once every 15 years, instead of once every 2 years which will vastly lower the amount of paint used over time, lower costs for the owners, and also cause less disruption.
  • The dry wall system will not only provide far better sound insulation than traditional brick walls, but also better cooling properties, therefore reducing the need for air con.
  • Floor sound absorption material that is made from a blend of recycled plastic and cork, will be used to help reduce sound from the above apartments. This provides greater sound insulation via a greener solution.
  • Guttering will be used throughout the development, with all the water caught from the roofs being stored in large 75,000 litre tanks under the buildings. The captured water will help to save costs on the communal areas and pools.
  • Water from showers, baths and toilets will be recycled using an osmosis system to cleanse it before it will be used for the gardens. This will provide an approximate saving of about 450,000 Thb per annum in additional water costs.
  • Heat generated from the air conditioning units will be used to heat the water heaters within the buildings. This means that no additional electricity will be required to heat the buildings, hot water.
  • Water cooling from the pond in the atrium of the building will mean that air conditioning will not be needed in the communal space.

These innovative ideas, many never used all at once in Koh Samui before, not only reduce the carbon footprint of Horizon Residence, but also will provide significant cost savings. Horizon Residence is proud to do its part in making Koh Samui a better environment for people to live in, not just for now but for the future as well.