The town house designs, have been conceptualized to provide the perfect living space for a two story home. The living areas are both spacious and functional, providing plenty of room to be utilized and enjoyed. The kitchen and dining areas are separated from the living room, to allow for different activities to unfold simultaneously. The kitchen is separated from the walled in private garden by a glass panel sliding door, allowing for natural light, as well as creating a feeling of indoor-outdoor space. The bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, are beautifully designed, and provide ample space for the occupants.

Great effort has been taken to provide each house its absolute privacy. The shared cavity walls between the houses are 250 mm thick, and extend well above the insulated ceilings, therefore providing high levels of sound insulation between each unit.

The town houses will be built utilizing high quality finishing and workmanship, whilst using only well documented quality materials. All electrical and plumbing works will be overseen by European foremen, providing all owners with the peace of mind that all of the technical work in the houses, are of the highest standards.